New Neighborhood Watch Signs
- Application and Procedures -


New Neighborhood Watch Signs
- Application and Procedures -

Neighborhood Watch Programs are very effective against crime. The LAPD and the Department of Transportation have recently devised new procedures for establishing Neighborhood Watch signs throughout the city.

Here are the new Neighborhood Watch Sign application and procedures from the Department of Transportation and Los Angeles Police Department. Please announce the program and distribute these documents to your community and neighborhood council members.

Neighborhood Watch Sign - Procedure and Application - pfd file
Neighborhood Watch Sign - Specifications - pfd file

  • DOT is the primary authorizer of neighborhood watch sign installs.
  • The new procedures will effect new installations and re-installs.
  • In order to acquire signs, the requester must obtain approval from the LAPD, DOT and Bureau of Street Lighting.
  • All signs must adhere to the attached specifications. Signs can not be altered or have any special logos or verbage, such as names of block clubs, neighborhood watch groups, neighborhood council names and/or logos.
  • Neighborhood watch signs will be removed by DOT if the installations are not authorized. Signs will be removed and not returned. No refunds will be given for the wrong signs purchased or removed. (See application and procedures).
  • Neighborhood watch signs CANNOT be fixed to traffic control and parking signs devices and/or utility poles.
  • After the requester receives the approval, it will be the responsibility of the requestor to install signs and poles from the following  approved City contracters, whom are contracted by the City to install on city Property:

    Maneri Sign Company
    1928 W. 135 th Street
    Gardena , CA 90249

    310 / 327-6261


    Traffic Operations
    216 Toby Way
    Pomona , CA 91767

    909 / 865-2935

Links to assist in establishing a Neighborhood Watch:

National Neighborhood Watch Institute or contact 888 / 669-4872

National Crime Prevention Council or contact 202 / 466-6272

The forms should be available on and , too, and will be downloadable and user friendly.

If you have any questions please contact me at the number below:

Community Policing Unit
Los Angeles Police Department
213 / 473-4530