Rep. Becerra - Draft Health Care Proposal
Announced Today

Xavier Becerra
  Rep. Becerra - Draft Health Care Proposal Announced Today

June 19, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, three House committees announced their draft proposal to reform our health care system and ensure affordable, quality health care. The committees on Education and Labor, Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means have worked together to present a uniquely American plan that reduces costs to consumers, protects current coverage and preserves the choice of doctors, hospitals and health plans. Representative Xavier Becerra, Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus and senior member of the Ways and Means Committee, praised the tri-committee proposal:  

“The draft proposal for health care reform that the House chairmen announced today is another sign that this Congress is working with President Obama to take our country in a new direction and deliver an American solution for quality, affordable health care.

“This draft proposal will lower health care costs for American families and businesses and offer more plan choices, including a high-quality public health insurance option that would compete with private companies and provide long overdue consumer protections.”

The draft proposal announced today would encourage competition to lower costs and increase choice.

The draft health care proposal fulfills commitments made by the Democratic Leadership in Congress and President Obama to fix our broken health care system. The draft proposal:

Lowers costs for American families by -

  • Putting an end to co-pays and deductibles for preventive care
  • Capping annual out-of-pocket expenses so Americans are no longer driven into financial ruin by the cost of medical care
  • Ending rate increases based on pre-existing conditions, gender, or occupation
  • Offering the group purchasing power of a national pool if you have to buy your own plan
  • Guaranteeing, affordable oral health and vision care for kids

Provides greater choices like -

  • Keeping your doctor and your plan if you like them
  • Participating in your choice of a high-quality public health insurance option that would compete with private companies

Offers stability and peace of mind with -

  • An end to coverage denials for a pre-existing condition like heart disease, diabetes, or cancer
  • The care you need with an end to lifetime limits
  • The freedom to make job and life choices not based on health care coverage

Improves the quality of health care in this country -

  • Doctors-not insurance companies—will be in charge of health care decisions
  • More family doctors and nurses will enter the workforce, at better payment rates, helping to guarantee your access to quality care

“Our economy and fiscal future are tied to building on what works in our healthcare system and fixing what doesn't,” said Rep. Becerra. “I am optimistic that as Congress continues to work with the President, the goal of bringing affordable, quality health care reform for the American people will finally be accomplished this year.”

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