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Oct 18, 2013

Law Enforcement

L.A. has gone eight days with no homicides, police data show
In a city that averages about one slaying a day, Los Angeles hasn't seen a homicide in eight days, continuing a decline in crime for the year, according to figures from the L.A. Police Department. The most recent homicide in the city occurred Oct. 8 and was the 217th this year. Homicides are down 9% from the same period in 2012, a drop of 21 killings. Det. Kelle Baitx, who has investigated homicides with LAPD's Newton Division for more than two decades, said he was surprised to hear that the city hadn't seen a homicide for an eight-day stretch.
Los Angeles Times

Appeals Court grants temporary stay for LAPD's vehicle impound police
The state's Court of Appeals has granted the City of Los Angeles a temporary stay that allows the police department to use a relaxed vehicle impound policy for unlicensed drivers. The policy had been knocked down by a lower court. Special Order 7 is an LAPD directive first introduced by the L.A. police chief last year that directed officers to allow unlicensed drivers to avoid having their cars impounded if they meet certain criteria such as having valid car insurance and no prior violations.
Southern California Public Radio

LAPD, human rights group work to prevent assaults on LGBT arrestees
Last year, the Los Angeles Police Department made headlines when it announced it was creating a housing unit at the Metropolitan Detention Center downtown exclusively for transgender arrestees - believed to be the first in the country - to ensure their personal safety. The department also earned praise from civil rights groups last year for developing a series of patrol protocols to be "respectful, professional and courteous" to transgender people, including guidelines such as addressing them by their preferred name and using gender pronouns in line with how they identify and express themselves.
Los Angeles Daily News

Burglaries on the rise in Silver Lake and Echo Park
Burglaries in Silver Lake and Echo Park are on the rise, Los Angeles police said Wednesday. In Silver Lake, eight burglaries, including three garage break-ins, have been reported since Sept. 15, Los Angeles police said. In Echo Park, six burglaries in which crooks came through open windows, half during the daytime, have been reported since Sept. 15, with the favored loot being cash, jewelry and easy-to-carry electronics, police said.
City News Service

DA targets auto insurance fraud with $6.9 million grant
As thousands of unsuspecting drivers in Los Angeles County are victimized by auto insurance fraud each year, District Attorney Jackie Lacey says her office will be going after those who cause crashes to rake in a big payday with renewed vigor. Lacey is now armed with $6.9 million in grants from the California Department of Insurance, provided as part of a statewide effort to help district attorneys combat insurance fraud.
Los Angeles Daily News

DMV investigators target misuse of placards for the handicapped

In response to increased complaints from the public, investigators with the Department of Motor Vehicles fanned out across California this week to catch those misusing placards for disabled people. Investigators issued 241 misdemeanor citations Wednesday, including 43 in the El Monte, West Covina and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, according to a news release from the DMV.
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles airport dry ice blasts suspect pleads not guilty to 2 criminal counts
A baggage handler accused of setting off dry ice bottle blasts at Los Angeles International Airport pleaded not guilty Thursday to two charges of possessing a destructive device in a public place. Dicarlo Bennett, 28, an employee of an airport service company, could face up to six years in prison if convicted. Bennett said little beyond acknowledging his name during a brief hearing before Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz.
Associated Press


Texas billionaire funds latest attack on California pensions
A new pension initiative funded by out-of-state interests has been filed to amend the California Constitution to let the City reduce the pension benefits of police officers and other government employees. Texas billionaire John Arnold, who made millions working for Enron during the Enron-initiated California energy crisis, provided the majority of the funding for this initiative.

City Government

Mayor Garcetti vows action on earthquake safety issues
Mayor Eric Garcetti said Thursday he was considering a new "chief resilience officer" to oversee preparations for a major earthquake and ensure Los Angeles can minimize the disaster's damage. Garcetti's suggestion for a top coordinator of earthquake issues came as he prepares to announce what he called "some very concrete steps" to enhance seismic safety in a city with a long history of deadly temblors.
Los Angeles Times

L.A. Councilman Mike Bonin questions LAFD plan to fill vacancies
A Los Angeles city official called Wednesday for a report on the Fire Department's plans to fill what he called an unprecedented level of staffing shortages. Councilman Mike Bonin, who has made LAFD issues one of his priorities, said he wanted information about the city's plans to fill some 500 vacancies expected in the department with a growing number of retirements and the failure to fill past departures.
Los Angeles Daily News

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti pledges to grow jobs
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday told San Fernando Valley business leaders that he is committed to increasing the region's job base and developing a skilled workforce. Garcetti, a Valley native and on the job for just over 100 days, received a standing ovation from 475 people attending the United Chambers of Commerce ninth annual Mayors Luncheon at the Warner Center Marriott. "It's a great honor to come to you as your mayor" said Garcetti, who also attended the event as a city councilman.
Los Angeles Daily News


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