Gangs and Drugs;
understanding the issues

United Communities to Stop Violence

"Gangs and Drugs; understanding the issues"

On the Eastside of town, the C-PAB and the Department are beginning to address the ongoing and serious local gang and narcotic trafficking problems by dialoguing with the community ... thereby educating and empowering both the residents and ourselves.

A coalition of groups, "United Communities to Stop Violence," held the first in a series of community events, "Gangs and Drugs; understanding the issues,"
on Saturday, June 1st, at Bravo High School.

Combating gangs and narcotics activity will be an ongoing and long term effort ... but we feel with this unique event we've made a good beginning.

Perhaps the biggest compliment to the success of the event at Bravo is the fact that at least three other C-PAB areas, Rampart, Wilshire and Northeast, are designing similar events, but with topics that pertain to their local communities.

Dialogue really works ...

Here is an overview of the "Gangs and Drugs" event ... beginning with a report on it's results:


The Report

Issues OF the Community --- Solutions BY the Community


The Agenda

A Unique Event - the first in a series


The Event Description

"Gangs and Drugs; understanding the issues"


The Coalition

"United Communities to Stop Violence"


Second Event Being Planned for Oct. 19th

"Parenting, Youth and Families; raising a community"