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Budget Devastates Community Policing
and the Sheriff has a real fight on his hands ...

Bill Murray - 5/25/02


LA County Budget Threatens to Destroy Local Community Policing

At the very moment the need for a robust policy of community policing has entered the mainstream dialog at LAPD, the LA County Sheriff's Department faces a crisis ... a crisis that could easily have a devastating long-term effect on local public safety.

The Sheriff's Department has worked hard over the last few years to implement its many progressive community based programs, improve its infrastructure and hire much needed new staff. By any measure, it's succeeded dramatically in improving community relations, making the streets safer, reducing fear and raising the quality of life.

The Department deservedly enjoys high morale and a good reputation with LA residents.

But a whopping $100 million dollar cut in the budget is being proposed by LA County Chief Administrative Officer David Janssen, supported by four of the five members of LA County's Board of Supervisors. Only Supervisor Michael Antonovich from the 5th District opposes the cuts.

If this budget is allowed go through the first thing to be eliminated would likely be the Sheriff's hallmark community programs ... and it's possible the Department would never recover.

Sheriff Lee Baca has a real fight on his hands, and he's appealed to the public for help:

"This budget means that I will have to cut or eliminate the progressive programs we have brought to the people of Los Angeles County ... [including] our community-based policing programs.

I will have to reduce the numbers of deputies on the streets which ultimately impacts the safety of the people of Los Angeles County. The bottom line: an almost $100 million cut equates to 1000 less deputy sheriffs on the street!

In these troubled times, we believe public safety should be a number one priority. If these cuts are implemented, the chart below outlines how they will directly impact public safety in the County."

Sheriff Dept. Budget Cut Fact Sheet
Facility / Unit Number of Eliminated Positions
$ Amount
Regional Detention Ctr. 393 positions - 1 Cpt, 6 Lts, 19 Sgts, 252 Deps, 115 staff
33.5 million
COPS Bureau 204 positions - 1 Cpt, 2 Lts, 2 Sgts, 187 Deps, 12 staff
18.1 million
Safe Streets Bureau 165 positions - 1 Cpt, 4 Lts, 22 Sgts, 123 Deps, 15 staff
13.6 million
Family Crimes Bureau 60 positions - staffing information to follow
8.5 million
S.T.A.R. Program 64 positions - 1 Cpt, 3 Sgts, 51 Deps, 5 staff
5.6 million
Biscailuz Recovery Ctr. 49 positions - 1 Lt, 6 Sgts, 20 Deps, 22 staff
3.8 million
Asian Crime Task Force 36 positions - 1 Lt, 4 Sgts, 25 Deps, 6 staff
2.9 million
Training / Hiring 3 positions - 1 Lt, 4 Sgts, 22 Deps, 6 staff
2.8 million
Emergency Services 17 positions - 2 Sgts, 15 Deps
1.7 million
Aero Bureau 21 positions - 14 Deps, 7 staff
1.6 million
LASD2 9 positions - staffing information to follow
.9 million
Leadership Institute 6 positions - 3 Sgt, 1 Dep, 2 staff
.7 million
Hate Crimes Unit 7 positions - 1 sergeant, 6 Deps
.7 million
Mental Evaluation Team 8 positions - staffing information to follow
.5 million
Identity Theft Unit 4 positions - 4 Deps
.4 million
Consultants ? positions - staffing information to follow
Cargo Cats 4 positions - staffing information to follow















Chief Baca concludes, "The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is one of the premier law enforcement agencies in America. We deserve better. The people of Los Angeles County deserve better."

We agree.

We join Sheriff Baca in asking the public to voice its strong opposition this devastating budget proposal by emailing, phoning and / or faxing the LA County Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the five members of the Board of Supervisors.

LA County CAO - David E. Janssen
213 / 974-1101
213 / 687-7130 fax
District 1 Supervisor - Gloria Molina
213 / 974-4111
213 / 613-1739 fax
District 2 Supervisor - Yvonne B. Burke
213 / 974-2222
213 / 680-3283 fax
District 3 Supervisor - Zev Yaroslavsky
213 / 974-3333
213 / 625-7360 fax
District 4 Supervisor - Don Knabe
213 / 974-4444
213 / 626-6941 fax
District 5 Supervisor - Michael D. Antonovich
213 / 974-5555
213 / 974-1010 fax


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Board of Supervisors



Be sure to read the Letter to the Supervisors

by Dr. Arthur A. Jones and Dr. Robin Wiseman



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Yours in service,

Bill Murray
Bobbie Logan

Thank you for supporting your LAPD Officers.

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