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September 20, 2014



Secret Service investigates after man jumps White House fence, reaches front door

by Reuters

A man jumped over the White House fence and made it to the front doors of the executive mansion before being apprehended on Friday, sparking an evacuation within the complex shortly after President Barack Obama departed for the weekend.

Omar J. Gonzales, a 42-year-old white male from Texas, made it onto the grounds at 7:20 EDT, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman said. Gonzales ignored commands to stop and was ultimately caught, unarmed, just inside the North Portico doors of the White House, one of the building's main entrances.

The intruder's ability to get so far on the grounds before being apprehended is very unusual for a complex that is heavily guarded by Secret Service officers and snipers. He was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

"The Secret Service will review the response to ensure that the proper protocol was followed,” spokesman Ed Donovan said.

Donovan said the fact that Gonzales had made it to the doors was "not acceptable to us and it's going to be closely reviewed."

Obama and his daughters had left the White House earlier, departing on the Marine One helicopter for Camp David, the presidential retreat in nearby Maryland.

First lady Michelle Obama was also not at home, having traveled to the retreat earlier, a spokeswoman said.

Armed Secret Service officers raced through the West Wing area of the White House during the intrusion and ordered journalists and staff members to evacuate.

Media and staff members were allowed back in some time later but a partial lockdown of the northwest side of the building remained in place for a few hours.

Video showed the intruder running across the White House lawn toward the president's residence.

The incident is the latest in a series of recent cases in which members of the public have made it over or though the White House gates, leading to lockdowns.




Gang members killed 9-year-old boy they thought was warning rivals

Gang members looking for their rivals shot and killed a 9-year-old boy because he yelled after seeing they had a gun, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Friday.

At Chicago Police Department Headquarters, McCarthy said the shooting of Antonio Smith could have been prevented. He also said documented gang member Derrick Allmon pulled the trigger killing Smith.

“The shooter in this case, Derrick Allmon, was arrested for a firearm in 2012, plead guilty in March of 2013 and was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, yet was released on parole in August of 2013 and went out and committed this murder,” said McCarthy.

Police said Allmon shot the child after detectives say the young boy alerted rival gang members that Allmon was nearby and armed.

McCarthy described the exchange, saying Williams handed the gun to Allmon and told him to shoot.

“Believing that Antonio Smith was yelling a warning to his intended victims, Allmon shot Antonio Smith multiple times wounding him fatally,” said McCarthy.

They were four to 10 feet away from Smith when the fatal shots were fired, McCarthy said.

Allmon had just gotten out of jail in August after serving 18 months on a weapons charge.

“This didn't have to happen,” McCarthy said.

Smith is gone, but the outrage remains.

On Friday afternoon, all four were charged with first degree murder.

“We won't recover from this,” said Smith's father Kawada Hodges the day after Smith was killed.

“He was a good kid, he was a mama's boy,” said Smith's mother, Brandi Murry.

Now, more than four weeks later over the phone, Smith's mother told FOX 32's Tisha Lewis that Friday was an emotional day but provided some sense of closure while sparking more questions.

“The same firearm that was used to murder Antonio Smith was used in two other additional shootings so far this year, one of them being a murder,” said McCarthy.

“These individuals should have been in custody the night of this shooting or the next day. This shouldn't have went this long but my hat goes off to the Chicago Police Department who worked the streets,” said Andrew Holmes.

FOX 32's Tisha Lewis reports Superintendent McCarthy said Chicago's murder problem is a gun problem, and the gun used in Smith's shooting originated in Indiana. McCarthy said Allmon should have never been on the streets.

McCarthy credited the community for coming forward to help identify the shooters. The gang members were well-known in the neighborhood, he said.

The gun used to kill Antonio was found Thursday in nearby sewer, McCarthy said.

Williams was also charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon without a FOID card.

McCarthy credited the community for coming forward to help identify the shooters. The gang members were well-known in the neighborhood, he said.

The gun used to kill Antonio was found Thursday in nearby sewer, McCarthy said.




Chambersburg's mayor wants to bring back community policing

by Jim Hook

CHAMBERSBURG -- Chambersburg Mayor Darren Brown has announced a plan that would put police officers on borough streets more often.

Brown wants to re-establish the police substation in the south end of the borough, possibly at Southgate, and reactivate the department's drug investigation team.

"Working hand-in-hand with the public is the foundation of this plan," Brown said.

The initial reaction from downtown business community has been positive.

Brown's announcement on Friday follows recent action by borough council to defund the police department's tactical and hostage negotiation team, a SWAT-like operation that failed to catch on with other local municipalities.

Brown set four priorities for the community police program:

— Reestablish the Crime Impact Team, which is primarily responsible for conducting drug investigations within the borough.

— Increase part-time foot patrols.

— Have police officers teach programs in schools.

— Have police officers attend community events to connect with the public.

"None of them are actually new because they have all been done, to some extent, in the past by this department," Brown said. "The difference is that they will all be enacted together as a unified community outreach. They will act as the four points of a compass."

Specific expenses have not been determined so the mayor is not sure exactly how much the program will cost. Discussions on the 2015 budget will begin soon.

The mayor oversees the police department, and council controls the purse strings.

A police substation operated for 14 years in the southwest section of Chambersburg. Council paid $100 a month or less to rent a storefront during the life of the program. It was abandoned in 2009, about a year after David Arnold was hired as chief.

The police substation was most recently located in the Southgate Shopping Center. At the time of the lease renewal, a beauty shop wanted the space that the Crime Impact Team was renting, Brown said. The borough and landlord were not able to come to terms. The borough opted to improve a newly acquired house next door to town hall as a Police Annex for the offices of the Crime Impact Team.

The Crime Impact Team, whose primary job is investigating drug dealing, was deactivated about a year and a half ago because of a lack of manpower, Brown said. One officer was assigned to the Franklin County Drug Task Force. Several other officers resigned at the same time.

A Crime Impact Team of two members was established in 1995 with a federal grant. The team grew to five members — three detectives and two bicycle officers before it was disbanded.

"If we can continue to hire in advance of officers retiring, the chief of police and I hope to re-establish the team sometime in 2015," Brown said.

Some council members have clamored for months to increase community policing.

Chambersburg police work about 50,000 hours a year, and 111 of the hours are identified as "community policing," according to Councilman Tom Newcomer.

More than 20 people in a recent Downtown Chambersburg survey indicated they did not feel safe downtown.

"People have a false idea that it's unsafe downtown," said Lisa Myers, owner of Merle Norman. "Maybe if there were more visible patrols people would feel safer. I think that would be a positive."

"We like it when we see foot patrols and bicycle patrols," said Andy Gartenberg, owner of Gartenberg Jewelry. "It makes people feel safe, and we want people to feel safe and come downtown. We've always tried to get more foot patrols."

Brown said he hopes to make the police department "an integral part of this community with familiar interaction among the public. In essence, it is the concept of winning hearts and minds."

"I think the Chambersburg Police Department does an excellent job with outreach to the community," said Jack Jones, manager of the borough's revitalization Elm Street Program. "I think it's an excellent idea to allow the police to interface with the community."

Community policing is about police establishing relationships with citizens, Brown said. Together they reduce crime. Officers try to assist citizens with safety tips and neighborhood problem-solving techniques.

Brown said he developed the framework for his plan after talking with police officers, Chief Arnold, borough council and Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill.

"The success of this new approach will be gauged by a combination of factors such as crime statistics and arrests," Brown said. "However, the primary gauge will be with the citizens of Chambersburg. As we continue to meet with them in neighborhood watch meetings and as our officers talk to them on the street, we will be able to paint a more detailed picture of the activity throughout town."


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